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promo 4

Here comes some more character design concepts for our game The Zombielands. Do tell me how you feel about them. Do you think some of them look like real badass? Lots of character are coming in final version .

The zombielands: zombie making timelapse

Here it is, first pre-alpha build of our work in progress game The Zombielands. We hope you would like this build. As it is only alpha version, we assure you final version will be much better and exciting than this. Our game is going to be released on all major platforms very soon.

Play it, rate it, talk about it, we are eagerly waiting for your feedbacks. And if you think you have some cool idea or feature request for the game. Feel free to tell us about it. If we like it and implement the feature, you will be credited in the game’s “Special Thanks” section.
Special Note: We started developing this game from 28 August, 2014. As it was made very quickly, it may contain lots of bugs, glitch or may suffer from poor performance. We are working on it, and please report us if you having problem playing the game. Again, it’s only alpha version, final version is sure to be way better than this. Please, stay with us 🙂